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New Designs

On this page you will find our newest designs.

Please check back soon as new items are added often.

Hummingbird Collection

Our new Hummingbird Collection has beautiful detailing. There are many options that can be customized to meet your needs.

Item # for Hummingbirds HUP

          Yellow Scale




              Pink Scale


       Blue Scale Initial

             Green Scale




         Bubble Gum Pink

           Yellow Scale


             Green Scale


Bat Collection Item# BAP

This is our new bat collection. This program can be customized in many different ways, name drop(cavern name), state, boys program on cords etc.....


 Buffalo Collection item# BUP(pendant) BUE(earrings)

           Rainbow Glitter


            Bubble Gum Pink




Item# BUP

        Brown Buffalo on Cord


         Black Buffalo Lightning Bolt on Cord



Item# BUP

 Buffalo Boys Name Program


              Black Buffalo with Skull


Bear Paw on Cord

     CH048 Brown Bear Paw on Cord


                          Item BLP

          Black Bear Paw Name Drop on Cord